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Thread: 30 Years Ago...A Blast from the Past! (Traditional Woodenboat Construction)

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    30 Years Ago...A Blast from the Past! (Traditional Woodenboat Construction)

    Note: best viewed in "full screen" mode.

    Around 30 years ago and way before I started recording videos, I built this 30 double ended cutter. This was when I lived on Cape Cod, and before I had my (then) new wooden boat shop built, so this vessel was built outside.

    This is a slideshow of pictures I had to scan and so the definition/quality is not the best. I discovered Im missing many of the photos, mostly the later ones showing the planking of the hull. However, this video will display the progress of the initial build starting from scratch, up to the point of where the planking part of the job began.

    Fun Facts: The backbone of the hull (keel, stern, stem, and supporting knees and other timbers) were shaped from 8 x 10 and 8 x 12 beams of Hackmatack grown in Maine. The outside ballast keel was concrete and scrap steel. The frames were 2 x 6 and the floor timbers were 4 x 6. The side planking (not shown in this video) was 2 x 4 Hackmatack. The auxiliary diesel engine was a single cylinder, 17hp Deutz diesel with a Hurth marine transmission. The mast was a solid, Eastern Spruce tree, debarked, limbed, and shaped.

    Here's the video:

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