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Thread: 3D printed Dremel holder for quick change toolpost

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    3D printed Dremel holder for quick change toolpost

    I wanted to polish the rims on a pair of flywheels and wanted to use a Dremel rotary tool with a Cratex wheel to accomplish the polishing.

    I also needed to make a needle valve and a grinding wheel in the Dremel quickly made the point.

    I also wanted to use the AXA sized quick-change toolpost to hold it.

    A few measurements, a short time modeling it in Alibre 3D CAD, sliced in Simplify3D, then on to the printer to make the holder. The printer was set up to make 10 outside layers at 0.2mm height and 100% fill the interior using PLA filament. Took 10 hours to print.

    The holder just slides over the dovetail on the holder. The centerline of the Dremel is on-center with the lathe spindle when the holder is down against the top of the compound.

    It all works very well.

    I've printed a number of holders for indicators and other bits to mount on the 3D printer. for the STL file
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 3D printed Dremel holder for quick change toolpost-dremel-tool-holder-quick-change.jpg   3D printed Dremel holder for quick change toolpost-dremel-holder-end-without-dremel.jpg   3D printed Dremel holder for quick change toolpost-dremel-grinder-position.jpg   3D printed Dremel holder for quick change toolpost-dremel-holder-side-view.jpg  
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    I like this could you send me the file so I can have it printed?

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    Thanks mrehmus2! We've added your QCTP Dremel Holder to our 3D Printing category,
    as well as to your builder page: mrehmus2's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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