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Thread: 777 nosewheel and body gear steering - GIF

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    Amazing aircraft the 777. If you ever get a chance to walk up close to one, take a look inside the wheel housing and notice how "clean" it is in there. No hydraulic lines or wires anywhere. That's because previous aircraft models would have hot tires explode after gear were retracted, with shrapnel often taking out essential functions. To reduce that chance Boeing Engineers re-routed all the lines & harnesses. Reminds me of the hot rods of today where they "sterilize" the engine bay.

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    In the 757 cockpit, all of this is controlled by the pilot ( 1st officer in the port seat) turning a hand wheel on his left side called the "tiller wheel". I assume this is the same general design. I spent about 2 hours in a 757 simulator and one of the things I wanted to experience was to taxi a 757 on ice. As I was applying power to one engine to make a turn, the plane began to shudder when I hit a dry spot on the pavement. The instructor quickly told me to straighten out the tiller. I had the nose gear sideways and the tires apparently didn't like that.

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