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Thread: Adjustable box/finger joint jig for one blade table saw

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    Adjustable box/finger joint jig for one blade table saw

    Adjustable box/finger joint jig for one blade table saw-boxjointjig.jpg
    This is a unique solution, and completely new concept for making box/finger joints using table saw with single blade or dado. This jig offers the possibility of producing box/finger joints with variable finger width on a single blade table saw. Unlike common solutions in which an equal finger width of both parts of the box joint is a standard here apart from that there is also a possibility to manufacture box joint with variable finger width.
    Among other things, this jig offers:
    • Box joints and wooden hinges with variable finger width;
    • Adjusting of the table saw blade thickness i.e. imprint that the saw makes ensuring maximal precision;
    • The width of the joint fingers is set by moving the guideline within the predefined range and is fixed using only two screws;
    • Length of the joint possible to make using this jig is restricted only to the length of the material in use;
    • Table saw blade always passes thorough the same, first incision in the jig thus ensuring that the width of the incision stays the same and that also provides a “clean” back of the incision (with minimal brakeage of the wood)
    • No predetermining requirements are needed in order to use this jig. It is sufficient that the wood used has a straight edge on which the box joint cuts can be made.

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    Thanks woodenworldenic! We've added your Table Saw Joint Jig to our Jigs category,
    as well as to your builder page: woodenworldenic's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Very nice!

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