Hi all!
I'm building a fine stand for the good horns I built, the perfect partner.
The goal is to have a fully adjustable, extremely sturdy, nice looking unit.

Independent setting of feet, long stroke depth and rotation on turret, lathe inspired!

I want to engrave graduated scales on all the parts, it could be a good start Learning engraving.
The trouble I'm not trained in sharpening tools, I'm thinking about other ways to engrave lines. I could use milling machine for flat index, but I would have troubles for the round partů

Some good idea?

Ps: the round bars are tempered and rectified (maybe chromed?), I'm not sure about the steel, the sparks with grinder are pretty tiny and shiny. Maybe I will try to build a knife or a straight razor!

Adjustable stand - horn-dsc04803_1600x1200.jpg Adjustable stand - horn-dsc04801_1600x1200.jpg