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Thread: Adjustable Touch DRO tablet holder

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    Adjustable Touch DRO tablet holder

    After recently adding Yuriy's Touch DRO to my existing Igaging scales on my mill, I needed a good place to safely keep the android tablet it runs off of. I wanted adjustability so this is what I came up with. It's made mostly of aluminum. (1/2" adjusting rod on wall is made of mild steel)

    While it does resemble a dust pan (lol), that was not intentional. I gave it side rails and a slanted back center post to keep it from accidentally getting tipped or sliding off. The arms are about 12 inches each so the tablet can pull out up to 24 inches from the wall and can be pulled out on either side of the mill head. The post in the wall bracket allows the whole unit to go up or down adding about 8 inches of travel for more flexibility.

    It's very stable and secure and has no trouble holding the tablet with no sag. Very happy with it and I use it everyday.

    Adjustable Touch DRO tablet holder-dscn7699.jpgAdjustable Touch DRO tablet holder-dscn7700.jpgAdjustable Touch DRO tablet holder-dscn7701.jpgAdjustable Touch DRO tablet holder-dscn7711.jpgAdjustable Touch DRO tablet holder-dscn7712.jpgAdjustable Touch DRO tablet holder-dscn7713.jpgAdjustable Touch DRO tablet holder-dscn7727.jpgAdjustable Touch DRO tablet holder-dscn7728.jpg

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    Thanks bobs409! We've added your DRO Tablet Holder to our Storage and Organization category,
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