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Thread: Alignment and distance tool

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    Alignment and distance tool

    Yesterday I started this tool but before I could actually begin making in I had to first remove the internal weld seam. This was accomplished by using the drill extension I made.
    So today I took another piece of that all time favorite 3/4" sucker rod and drilled a hole about 5 inches deep in 1 end.
    then welded a 1" long piece of 2x2x1/8" angle to the 3/4" sch 80 pipe then cross drilled a hole near the other end and welded a 5/16 18 square nut over the hole for the lock bolt For tools like this I like the old sq. nuts because they are larger and have a good weld surface area, that plus I just happened to find it first.
    Alignment and distance tool-20170505_173515ab.jpg Alignment and distance tool-20170506_113846a.jpg Alignment and distance tool-20170506_113956a.jpg Alignment and distance tool-20170506_133756a.jpg
    Alignment and distance tool-20170506_133833a.jpg
    After making sure that the frame to axle height distance was the same and the pin locations were the same height as well all that was required to check the distance was to place the "V" of the angle iron against the axle and adjust the semi spherical bolt head to just touching the chrome bar then move to the other side to verify both distances are the same.
    Alignment and distance tool-20170506_133954a.jpg
    The need to check both pin mounts for alignment requires a long shaft I like to use Chrome hydraulic cylinder rods for this as they are nearly always straighter than plain round bar
    Alignment and distance tool-20170506_134103a.jpg
    This is 1 of 8 pins which will locate and lock the axles in place or allow them to be slid from 1 point to another
    Alignment and distance tool-20170506_134157a.jpg

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