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Thread: Angle Grinder bracket with cable tidy?

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    Angle Grinder bracket with cable tidy?

    This is something I did a little while ago, like quite a few I have a couple of angle grinders, one with a wire cup brush, one with a flap disc and one with a cutting disc fitted. To keep them neater when not in use I made a few of these holders from 2mm sheet.

    Angle Grinder bracket with cable tidy?-bender6.jpg

    Angle Grinder bracket with cable tidy?-grinder-holder.jpg

    Above is a jpg from my CAD program, it shows the basic idea, where the bends are and final shape.

    I tended to group say four at a time and cut them out with my home made CNC plasma cutter, basic use of the flap disk to take the burrs off and then have a bit of fun with a home made press and basic tooling to get the shape.

    A rather poor video really showing me with the press, but the job was the angle grinder holder, the two holes allow it to be mounted to the wall.

    I really must get better at this video lark!.

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