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Thread: Another lathe saddle stop.

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    Another lathe saddle stop.

    There are numerous types of lathe saddle stop. There are two basic reasons for using such devices.
    One is setting a stop to prevent accidental excess saddle movement which can result in crashing into the workpiece or chuck/faceplate etc.
    The other is to have a stop to accurately set the travel to a specific dimension such as when turning to a shoulder.

    Of course a single stop can be used for either one or both purposes. In my case I am more interested in crash prevention because I have a DRO on the lathe and I am mostly happy to use that for accurate length settings. Accordingly, my needs are served well with a very simple device even if it is nowhere near as good for length control as the fancy types with micrometer style adjustment.

    Another lathe saddle stop.-saddle-stop.jpg Click for full size photo.

    As simple as it gets, a split clamp on the lead screw and a 6 mm plate bolted to the saddle.
    To use just loosen the clamp and move it to the desired position.

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