In this video I show how I restore a tire pressure gauge.
I found this beauty in an old service station, the owner gave it to me with one condition: showing it to him after being restored. He told me that it was working perfectly for years, but then they introduced new inflation systems in the area and it was stored for years. saved. The man remembered that a few weeks before replacing it, the PCL technicians calibrated it, but he doubted if it would work properly after years and maybe badly treated. When I arrived at my workshop and I could check with my pressure gauge that it worked correctly I was filled of illusion and encouragement to restore it. Some parts were missing and others perfectly visible that were not original, it was the perfect restoration to test my new 3D printer!! Since among the pieces that were lost, was the base that from what I could see on the internet was made of a flexible material. I am quite satisfied with the final result, although I think I didnít get with the correct RAL of the paint. You will wonder what I will make with it, well... for the moment I will keep it in my workshop until some nostalgic is interested in acquiring it.