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Thread: Archimedes' screw sticks motion - GIF

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    Archimedes' screw sticks motion - GIF

    A small stick spirals up a stream of water, a la Archimedean screw motion. Is this staged? Looks like the stick is being yanked up at the beginning. Is this even plausible?

    Similar concept horizontally:


    Screw-propelled vehicles

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    Both of them look staged or rigged to me, but it is not something I have ever tried. I have poured water into a vessel though and most anything floating would initially be forced away from the cascading stream then it might come around and be caught in the down flow.
    The Archimedes screw could lift water if in a close fitting trough but for an object to defy not only gravity but the downward force of the water and rise up without assistance does not fit with any laws that I am familiar with.
    the same goes for the cork screw shaped flotsam in the stream it is traveling at a rate of speed highly inconsistent relative to the speed of the water in the stream. A very thing fishing line would have to be attached to it and pulled just below the surface.
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    Both of them defy the laws of physics. So I'm going to call bunkum

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    This is apparently a hoax to advertise the "magic" properties of a medicinal herb called Garuda Sanjeevani Root which purportedly has a miraculous attraction to water so much so that the root flows upstream and climbs a stream of water. Both of these are easily achieved with a simple piece of fishing line.

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