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Thread: Augmented reality underground utility viewer - GIF

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    Augmented reality underground utility viewer - GIF

    Augmented reality underground utility viewer. Uses data from utility records (so it's not "detecting" the presence of any buried utilities). Still not as reliable as a field test, but excellent use of this technology.

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    Creating a 3d cad model of the underground utilities is very helpful for future installs or repairs but I would have to question the reliability of the accuracy of of previous data unless this data had been compiled from multiple sources IE original construction plans photos taken at time of construction soundings done by whatever means had been available when upgrades had been preformed
    Back in the early spring this year I had my electric service replaced from the transformer to the house they had to set 2 new poles. The only known underground utility in the area is the phone line The phone company came out and flagged the line. The electric company drilled just inside my fence for the first pole which is on my property not the road right of way or easement a full 10 feet from the flag line 24" down they snagged an auger full of cable. Phone company came out, no records several phone calls later, it turned out to be a line that used to cross to the back of my property where there used to be a house located back in the woods, it was in direct alignment with an old connection tower on the other side of the road.
    They set the 2nd pole about 5 feet from my septic tank and lateral line Must have asked me 4 times if I was absolutely sure where the system was located so I pulled up pictures on my laptop and showed them a 2 year old excavation fo when I had to do some repairs to finally satisfy them.
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