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Thread: Automatic door sweep

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    Automatic door sweep

    I know I can buy it, but that is no fun! Irregular floor, when the door is closed, I hav a 1" gap to seal on the door knob end and a quarter inch on the hinge end. When the door is open! Quarter inch clearance between the door and the floor. Any clever guys or gals out there who might have ideas or plans? Thanks


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    A rolling sweep inside the door will stop air flow. I suggest a 1.25" roller the length of the door with a loosely pinned plate at the hinge end and a radius slot at the open end. This will swing the roller to the door when the gap opens/closes. Your threshold will need to be straightened if you want to keep water out. I've never worked for NASA, but this might be rocket science. Good luck.


    On second thought, you might have to taper the roller to keep it from binding as the open end swings in. Yup, it is rocket science.

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