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Thread: Balanced Cheater Bar for Ratchet

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    Balanced Cheater Bar for Ratchet

    This tool is pretty straightforward... I needed a way to apply torque to a ratchet using both hands to apply the torque rather than one hand supporting the head of the ratchet and only the free hand applying the force. It works well for my use.

    This is made from a piece of 1/2" steel pipe and a piece of flat bar and fits the handles of several different makes of 3/8" ratchets.

    I realize one can buy a T-handle socket wrench, but I live in the sticks and "running down the street to the hardware store" wasn't an option. This utilizes common scrap, is inexpensive and works well.

    The transmission is strapped down to limit movement, a requirement.

    Balanced Cheater Bar for Ratchet-img_5170.jpeg

    Balanced Cheater Bar for Ratchet-img_5172.jpeg

    Balanced Cheater Bar for Ratchet-img_5171.jpeg

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    I've needed something like this more times than I can count. This is far too elegant for me to think up, so I'll just copy yours.


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    Neat idea. Simple and easy to make and useful. Thanks

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    Hi Yes, a neat and simple idea as mdhatter3 said. But you are not lessening the force required, you are just splitting the same amount of effort between two hands (arms). Making the cheater bar "longer" by extending ALONG the handle end, reduces the effort required by ONE hand. Obviously with the need to hold the ratchet in place with the other hand. Using the shortest possible socket extension minimises the effort required to hold the ratchet in place, and minimises the "distorted" leverage that tries to pull the socket away from the bolt/nut.
    I think the longer bar is better. Perhaps, when in use) you could place the tube part of the tool the opposite way around and have the welded bar point away from the ratchet head. You'll get the extra leverage that way. This tool offers the best of both worlds, well done.

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    Can you flip it around and use it as a cheater bar, too? This thing is perfect in its simplicity!

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    Very nice, the is on my todo list now!!!

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    Turns a ratchet into a ratcheting T bar, I like it.
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    Neat idea, thanks for posting.

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    Congratulations IAMSatisfied - your Balanced Cheater Bar is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    Another huge week around here, but the simple and clever solution wins it this week.

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    IAMSatisfied - we'll add your tool entry to our All Homemade Tool of the Week winners post. And, you'll now notice the wrench-on-pedestal award in the awards showcase in your postbit, visible beneath your username:

    And, you'll be receiving a $25 online gift card, in your choice of Amazon (US-only), PayPal, or bitcoin. Please PM me your current email address and award choice and I'll get it sent over right away.

    Nice work!
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    Great idea! Elegant in its simplicity. As is often the case the simplest solution is usually the best.

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