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Thread: Balancing Arbor For Surface Grinding Wheels

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    Balancing Arbor For Surface Grinding Wheels

    I made this arbor for balancing the grinding wheels that fit my surface grinder. I put on a new wheel and discovered I had quiet a bit of vibration like I had not before, I checked the bearings, spindle run out ETC.

    I didn't want to toss the wheel so I made a balancing arbor for the grinder.
    The arbor was made from 1" O.D. 4140 preheat treated steel. Both ends of the arbor was machined in one setting, Meaning the arbor was not machined on one end then turned around and machine the other.

    I took a piece of scrap 1" O.D. 1018 CRS and machined a tapper to fit the wheel adapter, Once I had the correct angle set on the compound of the lathe I was ready to machine the arbor. It took a little time to get the angle just right. I'm sure if you have ever machined a taper to fit something just perfect you know where I'm coming from

    When I finished the arbor I the took another piece of 1" O.D. 4140 and machined a knurled nut to tighten the adapter to the arbor as a unit. I then placed the arbor and wheel on my static balancing fixture which I made and posted previously, The fixture blade's were set with a precision level.

    The heavy side of the wheel will always rotate to the bottom, I then take a pencil and mark the bottom of the wheel. I took a 3/16" masonry drill and carefully drilled holes 1/8" Deep close to the arbor hole, This took several trips back and forth to the drill press until I got the wheel to stand still no matter where I turned it.

    I put the wheel back on the surface grinder and dressed it, what a difference !!!!!!!!!! My surface grinder did a fantastic job before but now it's better.

    Below are some photos of the arbor and arrangements
    Thanks For Looking
    And Happy Machining

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    Balancing Arbor For Surface Grinding Wheels-arbor.jpg
    Above shows the Arbor Completed

    Balancing Arbor For Surface Grinding Wheels-arbor1.jpg
    Above shows the arbor and wheel adapter

    Balancing Arbor For Surface Grinding Wheels-arbor2.jpg
    Above shows the adapter inserted into the wheel

    Balancing Arbor For Surface Grinding Wheels-arbor4.jpg
    Above shows the unit together

    Balancing Arbor For Surface Grinding Wheels-arbor6.jpg
    Above shows the wheel and arbor sitting on the static balancer

    Balancing Arbor For Surface Grinding Wheels-arbor7.jpg
    Above shows another view of the arbor sitting on the static balancer

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    Nice work Doug.

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    Thanks Doug! I've added your Balancing Arbor to our Machining category, as well as to your builder page: rossbotics' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Great job, and great post Doug!

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    Really a good and simple to make tool !

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    I love the workmanship there Doug



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