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Thread: Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment

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    Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment

    Hi All

    As most of you will appreciate one job seems to create another. Certainly was the case in repairing my offhand grinder.

    I lent my grinder to someone who dropped it and cracked the aluminium base which created terrible vibration when the grinder was running. The grinder was stripped down and the base repaired using Durafix Low temperature weld repair. The aluminium base was then painted and the grinder was cleaned up and put back together. The grinding wheels were also replaced as the old ones were original and the grinder was purchased in 1986. It is recommended that wheels should be changed every two years so well over due.

    The second part was an original Wolf cast base, which was recovered from a skip when a local company closed and the old grinder which was attached looked like it had caught on fire.

    I never cleaned up the cast base. I just took the old large grinder off, made an adapter plate to accept my grinder and fitted new electrics which included a light. So as it was now all apart it was time to refurbish the cast base. So stripped back to bare metal and painted and a new stainless steel drain fitted and new rewire.

    Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment-a3c0b22f-6147-473c-90ec-cf523483a434.jpeg Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment-b1d5f82d-b349-4c73-bee1-f39437cfc301.jpeg Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment-193738a3-25a1-4b5c-b7f4-1a5a3388d19f.jpeg
    Condition of cast base before stripping back

    Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment-c92f0396-be24-4c41-aeef-f33e20cf59b0.jpeg Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment-f2dfe373-7626-439f-b590-6aff6c29def1.jpeg
    Ready for paint

    Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment-d42612ae-3029-4cc3-9526-b804d0a91c66.jpeg Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment-8b7bd559-ebe5-4c1e-911d-07047da15276.jpeg
    Rewired and new drain valve.

    Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment-1a96a7c8-0a18-4324-8feb-8a0a7b5817cc.jpeg Bench Grinder repair and refurbishment-7e816313-b0d1-4758-a7c5-8ead8f6ef2ec.jpeg
    Finished ready to use.

    Thank you for viewing
    The Home Engineer

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