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Thread: Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch

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    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch

    I've been wanting a bigger and better brake for years so I finally did it this weekend. I used 3.5 inch angle with .25 inch thick walls. I clamped the two pieces back to back with "C" clamps for the entire build and belt sanded the tops, very smooth and perfectly aligned. I cut the hollows out for the hinge pins with a 4 inch grinder and cutting wheel. The pivot points are 3.5 inch long .75 inch round bar 1 inch out past table. I drew cross hairs on each round bar then lined them up with the table and joint and from end to end with levels and straight edges, tack welded them then tapped into perfect alignment before fully welding. I'd like to find a thicker plate for the pivot point and add bearings in the future. They came out perfect and will last me a while I think. I used 1 inch heavy wall square tubing for the handles. Just using angle and "C" clamps right now as a hold down but plan to improve on that in the near future. Bending .125 inch aluminum fairly sharply and can bend well over 90 degrees, about 135 actually. It operates so smooth you cannot even tell thin sheet metal is in it being bent. Worst problem of having a 28 inch brake and trying to bend heavy metal which takes a lot of upward force, is finding something heavy enough to bolt/clamp it down to so it won't pick up! This thing really works smooth and is very heavy and heavy duty too.
    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-20151031_175956.jpg
    Overall shot.
    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-20151031_180005.jpg
    Pivot point.
    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-20151031_180011.jpg
    Pivot point, .75 inch rod.
    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-20151031_180021.jpg
    Temporary clamp, 2 inch angle, bending .125 inch aluminum.
    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-20151101_141650.jpg
    Sheet metal box folded five times, 4 corners plus a 1 inch lip to fasten with rivets.
    This brake is going to be a joy to use I think.

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    Thanks DrByte! We've added your Brake to our Brakes and Presses category, as well as to your builder page: DrByte's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Very cool Ive got to build one like it pretty soon! That could really come in handy when patching up rusty old cars that are all over my region.

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    very helpfull thanks ..........phil

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    [QUOTE=DrByte;41370]I've been wanting a bigger and better brake for years so I finally did it this weekend.

    Cool! Here's mine - door hinges and old iron doorknobs - I made it just to create a radiator fan shroud, but it's been useful since -

    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-100_0112.jpg

    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-100_9366.jpg

    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-100_9370.jpg

    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-100_9403.jpg

    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-100_9414.jpg

    Brake--Sheet Metal--28 inch-img_7049.jpg


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