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Thread: Broken Jacobs JT2 taper in favourite drill chuck.

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    Broken Jacobs JT2 taper in favourite drill chuck.

    Hi All
    I was gutted when my keyless Albrecht drill chuck rolled off the marking off table and sheared the 2 morse taper from the Jacobs No.2 taper.
    I was left with the issue of removing the piece from the chuck. My first thought was to use the hydraulic press but the chuck was not hollow to allow this. There was not enough sticking out to use the standard taper wedge method to realise the taper. So plan C was put in to place to drill a hole and use oil to jack out, but the taper was hard as glass. Plan D make a taper wedge and weld a high tensile bolt to use against taper wedge. Unfortunately I had to move to plan E as the bolt weld broke off. So a piece of mild steel and the amps turned up on the welder the offending taper was extracted with no damage to the chuck. I must have 20 plus drill chucks scattered all over the workshop but this little keyless chuck is always my first choice. Anyway a new R8 taper to JT2 was purchased rather than the 2 morse taper. Cant wait to get it back in action.

    Broken Jacobs JT2 taper in favourite drill chuck.-bb2aeae2-8610-428c-8086-365f8c769a2b.jpeg Welded mild steel block to damaged taper and wedge.

    Broken Jacobs JT2 taper in favourite drill chuck.-f1ccbdf8-d705-4af8-b6d4-51b5cf2896c0.jpeg JT2 Taper finally removed.

    Broken Jacobs JT2 taper in favourite drill chuck.-dfd3d7df-46fa-405b-b807-0c92e0a7f30b.jpeg Offending taper welded to mild steel.

    hope this method one day might be useful to save your favourite chuck.
    Thank you for viewing
    The Home Engineer

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    Thanks thehomeengineer! We've added your Broken Taper Removal Method to our Miscellaneous category,
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    Always a good idea to show this technique on the site!
    When we have the problem with big conical parts we use a similar technique but with two opposite conical parts which make less friction than with one which apply the force on one side only, sometimes this technique can save a lot of money!!!

    Post your reply!
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