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Thread: Bruzze (corner chisel)

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    Bruzze (corner chisel)

    Bruzze (corner chisel)-244ce70f-e945-4e1e-9f1c-dd341552db63.jpg
    Bruzze (corner chisel)-image.jpg
    Unless I have a lot of mortices to do, say more than eight, I really prefer to cut them by hand. I no longer have access to a dedicated morticer. While I have a morticer for my drill press, I do not consider it worth the original expense. I do NOT like using a router, although it is sometimes expedient, noise and mess being main reservations, plus the possibility of slips and the bother of setting up. What do I have all my mortice chisels for, except to use them?
    Retrieving a split hollow mortice chisel that had been jettisoned, it was an easy matter to fit a handle to the shankBruzze (corner chisel)-c4a72b41-2851-4cf6-8a43-43c344e8bf5a.jpg
    At the top, is a tool properly called a bruzze, which is a wagon-makerís tool. Or you might call it a veiner, which to my mind is for carving or was made by Sorby. I made a nice handle to fit. The incannel angle is 50 degrees.

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