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Thread: Car interior overrun with mold - GIF

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    Car interior overrun with mold - GIF

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    That car is a total loss, probably left far too long in a damp storage facility and or probably something was left inside of it to serve as a trigger or catalyst to give the mold a start. Sweaty gym clothes a wet umbrella wet gloves are 3 very common items to allow mold to get started in a tightly sealed vehicle

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    Isopropyl alcohol works unbelievably well for reversing this. I've used it on car interiors and also water damaged drywall that looked like it was just completely done. Just absolutely soak the area and leave it. Don't touch. Maybe come back the next day and soak it again. You can generally recover 95% of the damage.

    ...however, this car is really, really bad. Might be asking a lot of the isopropyl alcohol.

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    I had a Jetta do that after sitting for several months, but not quite that bad. It did have a furry steering wheel. Was able to get it "clean" enough to feel comfortable to sit in and drive again, but always seemed to be susceptible to slight surface growth after that.

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