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Thread: Casting A Mold Rammer

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    Casting A Mold Rammer

    I dabbled in casting back in the 80's when D. Gingery first came out with his books on the subject. I still had a wood mold rammer kicking around from back then but it was too large a diameter at 31/2" and hard to get into tight spots. I reduced the diameter to 21/2" and cast it in aluminum.

    Casting A Mold Rammer-1.jpg

    Casting A Mold Rammer-2.jpg

    Casting A Mold Rammer-3.jpg

    Here the rammer has been sliced in half and alignment pins and matching register holes installed.

    Casting A Mold Rammer-4.jpg

    Two coats of durathane to seal it and its ready for the mold flask.

    Casting A Mold Rammer-5.jpg

    The molded cope half of flask.

    Casting A Mold Rammer-6.jpg

    The molded drag half.

    Casting A Mold Rammer-7.jpg

    The melt.

    Casting A Mold Rammer-8.jpg

    The shake out.

    Casting A Mold Rammer-9.jpg

    And the results after a good power wire brushing and some filling to blend some rough spots. I poured to slow entraining some gas and I didn,t flux but very acceptable. It has nice weight and is a big improvement over the old rammer.

    Casting A Mold Rammer-10.jpg

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