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Written up?
On carriers, the ladderways are positioned [mostly] alternately from the hanger bay up the tower, usually 10 or 11 levels. With signal bridge and navigation bridge at the top I'd drop through one floor hatch and swing around at each level for the next. Like Popeye I'm not tall, so didn't hook boots, just straight-armed them. Usually whooop-whooping Curly style silently. Real fast because I banked in the turns.
Well, Captains elevator is in the same space. Almost nailed once, stepping into hanger seconds before elevator car opened. Skipper and Navigator awaited the car in the tower, I didn't slip handrails until one deck below. Men don't wink at each other, but there's a look from superiors that means "We know."
yep not a wink but the cut of the eye tells all