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Thread: Cellphone walker-talker falls into manhole, avoiding getting hit by a bus - GIF

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    Cellphone walker-talker falls into manhole, avoiding getting hit by a bus - GIF

    Cellphone walker-talker falls into manhole, avoiding getting hit by a bus.


    Man repeatedly falls into same hole - GIF
    Escaping a conical hole - GIF
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    Gotta love the Mario music.

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    Funny how no one stopped in the video, but the guy on the scooter looked down the hole as he drove right past.

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    ha ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ha .
    At least it will get safer with new technology when we all get chipped
    How i hate mobile phones with a vengeance and the muppets who think they are connected because they cant remove their faces from them.
    My Niece is one of those who demonstrate their lack of intelligence by never removing themselves - from candy crush of all things.
    my pal Nige has three phones and is always texting, he only has a hand full of friends i know and he is not texting me cause i don't do it.
    The only people i know who use more than one phone are those having extra marital affairs or i guess drug dealers.
    Is it time we put warnings on phones like we do on cigarettes obviously some people are too stupid to own one

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