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Thread: Chain Hoist Extensions Arm

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    Chain Hoist Extensions Arm

    Wished to have an Extension Arm out from my ‘Over-the-Jeep’ table whereby I could attach a small chain hoist to lift those pesky 100 to 300 pound items from the floor (or from a trailer) onto my large work table.

    Website Post:

    Chain Hoist Extensions Arm-extension-hoist-arm.jpg

    Chain Hoist Extensions Arm-back-view-lifting-arm-extension.jpg

    Chain Hoist Extensions Arm-chain-hoist-gift.jpg

    The Extension Arm can swing all the way from the Center of my Large Tabletop around to a Work Bench I have behind my work table.

    Chain Hoist Extensions Arm-arm-range-motion-topview.jpg

    Added a Digital Hanging Scale to the Chain Hoist Extension Arm

    Chain Hoist Extensions Arm-digital-scale-added.jpg

    It has already become an important part of my workshop and use it almost every day.

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    Thanks MetalDesigner! I've added your Chain Hoist Extension Arm to our Hoists category, as well as to your builder page: MetalDesigner's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Nice one! That digital scale does add a safety factor, in that you'll know beforehand if you're overloading things.

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