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Thread: Changing golf course holes - video

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    Changing golf course holes - video

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    Just imagine the self-satisfaction you would have at the end of a long work day if this was your job. Sitting at the bar with a cold one, "Yeah, guys, I moved seven holes today; it was awesome."
    Regards, Marv

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    I used to do that as my high school job at a really nice Country Club... that is in between digging ditches for irrigation pipes and mowing greens with a riding reel mower that was worth more than a decent new car at the time.

    One time, around 6:30AM, I had the pin down on a Par 3 hole to mow and move the hole. During that time no one's supposed to tee off. It was about then that some hotshot golfers showed up on the Tee Box. They were on the course about an hour before it opened, so I had all the rights to be left undisturbed. Next thing I know, a ball thuds down about 3 feet from my head. Now I'm really ticked off, so I rose up, walked over to the ball, picked it up, and heaved it deep into the woods away from me. About the time their carts arrived, I had finished up, and was leaving for the next hole. One jerk was driving his cart full speed toward me, almost hitting my mower, jumped out of the cart, and started screaming at me. He was spitting mad, telling me who he was and who I wasn't, threatening to get me fired, etc. Finally I told him he was on the course too early and that his ball almost hit me without him ever yelling, "Fore." He was still screaming as I drove off.

    A few days later, my parents and I went to our Country Club for dinner. Lo and behold, that rude jerk came up to my dad, who just happened to be President of the Country Club at the time, to complain about some petty thing. It was about then that I, dressed in a suit, walked up to my father. The look on the jerk's face was complete puzzlement, as he couldn't understand the presence of that common sweaty laborer inside his Club. My dad broke the ice by saying to his rudeness, "Allow me to introduce my son,..." For the first time in my life I saw the look someone has after they swallow a live snake. Later on I told my dad what that jerk had done, to which he told me I did the right thing. From that point onward, I never liked pretentious puffed up people, whether in the military, college, or corporations.
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    We were setting up fireworks on a golf course for a rich wedding that night. As the weren't to know about it, the course stayed open as we worked behind a hill. Only had a few balls land amongst the racks, one rolled under our truck. We tossed the balls out into the clear.

    They were also unhappy our clothes weren't all that nice, we were supposed to be in suits to blend in. HA, not about to wear nice clothes doing fireworks! Did wear a welding jacket, country western style but the fire marshal was happy once he saw the FR tag.

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