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Thread: Cheap Camping and Emergency stove

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    Cheap Camping and Emergency stove

    The Nan Stove

    Here's a simple little stove that uses the 'Yellow bottles of 'HEET' gas line anti-freeze, (can boil 8 cups a water, that's a regular coffee pot!) in 30-40 minutes, and I use it for roadside stops for coffee and quick lunch, usable for emergencies like sanitizing water, and cooking for more then one person. It should cost under $10.00 if you go wild and buy all new stuff! Use it with a simple wind guard made from a large food can and you can have heat anywhere. I even use this on good days to make a pot of coffee out on the drive way and enjoy yard work a lot more for the easy heating of coffee or tea when I want it. An easy project for you and the kids to make some of your own camping gear together.

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    Not bad, Trike Road Poet. Thanks for the share!

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