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Thread: Cheap milling machine digital quill readout.

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    Cheap milling machine digital quill readout.

    Hi All

    I made this simple bracket to fit my Bridgeport Mill Quill. This is a very useful and quick setting tool. Yes, you can buy a commercially made one but at 200 plus they are not cheap. So, I decided to make one. The digital readout itself was an eBay buy at 34 and the aluminium was just some off cuts from another project. I also had to buy some longer UNC screw to attach the bracket to the mill. In total about 50 all in. (not taking in consideration my time, which I consider to be free as this is one of my hobbies) I did engrave the text on the bracket on a friends machine.
    I am also going to fit one, to the lathe tailstock in the near future just need to decide how I want to mount it.

    Cheap milling machine digital quill readout.-img_0458.jpgCheap milling machine digital quill readout.-img_0459.jpgClick image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0458.JPG 
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ID:	21512Cheap milling machine digital quill readout.-img_0461.jpgCheap milling machine digital quill readout.-img_0462.jpg

    Many thanks again for taking the time to view.
    The Home Engineer

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    Thanks thehomeengineer! We've added your Milling Machine Quill DRO to our Milling category,
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    Thanks for the ideas bud, gives me something to think about for my quill DRO project. AND it looks nice!

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