A $5 simple to install solar spotlight for places where running power ain't worth it. Maybe you have a tool shed, garden shack, dog house, chicken coop, walkway, or some other place where a bit of light would be good, if it was not too much cost / trouble.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of materials, including glass face plates on the light and solar panel. It works well for a solar-battery light with no motion sensor. Full brightness is limited to 3 hours, lowest brightness ran 25.25 hours in my test. Remote control worked reliably over 15 meters in daylight.

SOLAR LIGHT IP66 (Specifications as Measured, None Supplied By The Mfg.)
Cover Material: glass
Charge Indicator: Blinking = charging, solid green = full
Remote Commands: Light blinks to indicate remote command accepted.

Body Material: plastic
Light Output: select-able by remote
Plug: 2 pin, water resistant

Cover Material: glass
Body Material: plastic
Size: 13 x 14 cms, 5 x 5.5 inches
Volts: 6VDC (open), Amps: 32 milliAmps (shorted), ~0.2 watts
Wire length (total): 4.5 meters

REMOTE CONTROL: 8 buttons. Auto, On-Off, 3-5-8 hours, Brightness. Range: ~15meters+