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Thread: Christmas tree shearing tools - GIF, videos, photos

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    Christmas tree shearing tools - GIF, videos, photos

    First, the classic hand shear. This is what happens when you drop out of Samurai school:

    That's a shearing knife. Available on Amazon here for $77: . Looks like this:

    3-minute GIF source video:

    Then we have a selection of power tools and implements. Essentially these try to address two issues with shearing trees: the danger of overhead cutting, and worker fatigue brought on by trimming numerous trees.

    An interesting shearing tool called SAJE. Looks like this:

    7:23 video of the SAJE in action:

    Another option: The Easy Lift Harness. Not so sure about this one, but if you're going to do overhead cutting with a trimmer anyway, I guess it is safer. 3:35 video of the Easy Lift in action:

    There are also some gems on display in this 4:01 video of the 2011 meeting of the South Carolina Christmas Tree Association:

    1:04 - Riding Mower Yule Trimmer
    2:20 - Yule Trimmer



    Trimming trees around power lines GIF
    sketchy hedge trimmer
    Ducker branch and hedge cutter
    Giant hedge cutter made from WWII AEC Matador
    Bush trimming machine GIF


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    There is something that is completely un-natural looking about those trees after they have been trimmed. All that trimming and shaping is what you are supposed to do after you buy your tree and get it home. Preferably picking it out at the nursery while it is still growing. If possible you wait until a couple days before Christmas drive up to 200 miles to a nursery and buy a root balled tree. Take it home lightly trim and decorate, then on Christmas day after the kids have gotten their presents out from under it you hurry and dig a hole and plant it. Do the same thing every year until the kids have grown and hopefully left home by the time they are 18 to 20 so you can finally get some peace and quiet for a few years until the grand kids start sprouting, starting a whole new ritual.


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