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Thread: Cleaning/polishing attachment for a hand drill

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    Question Cleaning/polishing attachment for a hand drill

    I have tar all over my truck and I知 tired of cleaning off by hand so I知 looking for a good idea for something I could make to go on a drill to clean with. Any ideas please share. I know they make buffing attachments but I was avoiding purchasing something that I値l end up never using again.

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    What do you mean by "all over" do you mean little splatters from driving across hot asphalt or "I'm a roofer and accidentally dumped a bucketful on the truck" ?
    If the former, I used to have good luck spraying the splatters with WD40 letting it set for a while and wiping it off. If it's something like the latter, sorry you're on your own.

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    I would try a hot pressure washer...

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    If you want to re-spray your car after removing the tar spatters, go ahead and use some buffing wheel. But remember - the tar spatter is so thick that buffing not only removes the tar, but also most of the paint next to the tar spot.
    If you want to remove the tar only, you need to remove it with a solvent that works on the tar only, and not on the paint. Any aliphatic hydrocarbon will do the trick, such as what in South Africa is called benzine and shellite in Australia (check the spelling carefully and don't use benzene, nor petrol / gasoline / diesel), or kerosene, solvent naphtha, mineral turpentine, white spirits, mineral spirits, stoddard solvent; different countries use different names for what chemists class under CNH2N+2, with N somewhere between 6 and 12 and boiling points from 60-180 oC.

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    Yes Amazon sells all kind of paint surface removal one for wear down rubber discs. Read the reviews, hope this helps.

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