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Thread: Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore

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    Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore

    Happy New Year to all

    The cleaning tool for the spindle bore is a tool I've copied from Toolsandmods. Itís simple and efficient; as Iím thinking it now, I should have made it long time ago instead of using paper towels or rags for cleaning the spindle.
    Now, what I have made is practically the same with the one from toolsandmods; the only that is different is that instead using fabric for making the cleaning discs, I used soft leather (approximate thickness 1.3mm).

    Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore-1-large-.jpg

    In toolsandmods itís stated that the discs were made from windows cleaning cloth with a diameter of 28mm; now, since I decided to use leather I had to cut the discs into a smaller diameter (leather is definitely harder than window cleaning cloth) for an easy push or pull action of the tool inside the MT3 spindle of my mini lathe.

    I found (based on the thickness-hardness of the leather I had) that the right diameter for the discs had to be 26.5mm.

    For cutting the discs I made this round cutting guide which accepts a 5mm hole punch in its center
    Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore-2-large-.jpg Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore-3-large-.jpg

    The discs were roughly cut with a knife
    Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore-4-large-.jpg

    Then the discs were pressed evenly and locked in a simple shaft; the final diameter was achieved by turning the stack on the lathe.
    Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore-5.jpg Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore-6.jpg Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore-7.jpg
    Not some quality pictures (snapshots from the video)

    Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore-8-large-.jpg

    Cleaning tool for the lathe spindle bore-9-large-.jpg
    The overall length of the tool is approximately 325mm

    All the best

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    Thanks Dimitris Polychronis! We've added your Spindle Bore Cleaner to our Cleaning category,
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