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If you are experiencing interference from a Ham then they are a hack not a real operator. Hams pride themselves on clean frequency usage However if you are in direct alignment with someone's ground plane that could be some of what you are experiencing, in noise. call the operator up and explain that you are having some noise issues possibly caused by their equipment. I can almost assure you they will be more than receptive to trying to correct the issue. Noise is their enemy as well because it drains power from their transmissions. Hams love to be able to talk all the way around the world in any direction using the lowest possible power output.
As I get older I keep promising myself to try setting up a simple HAM system. I do not blame any operator. Radio interference has been around for some time. And is getting a little easier to work around in some circuitry due to the shift in frequency bands that are used now. TV old time TV that is is gone.

So many things I promise to do. Make a harpsichord, pick up the French Horn again... I don't have time to die I'm to busy!

I'm probably young enough to be your son Frank. But one stark fact has hit me recently. Been working for 34 years solid. There aren't 34 left. Gotta make what I have left count!