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Thread: Combination Drill press, and Lathe????

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    Smile Combination Drill press, and Lathe????

    Has anyone done this?:o
    Made a Slide for the Hand Drill or for the 'object' being drilled?
    Then lay it down and do the lathe work.

    This would involve some Steel or Aluminum Folded pieces for the 'one' part to slide along inside the 'other' part.
    Or...some Roller bearings on Axles inside some kind of Flat Iron cage.

    My Wife don't want me down in that Barn during the winter.
    But I'll sure cheer you guys on and watch as it happens.

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    I would love to find a blueprint of something to make that would enable me to use my drill stand for more then just drilling. I know they make parts that you can buy but would love to have an idea how to create my own tool to be able to do lathe work on my drill press. If anyone has some ideas please let me know I would appreciate it.

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    I'm not sure I would encourage that, but that's the kind of stuff I've already done before I had a lathe, shaping brass or aluminum parts on the drill press with files (making knobs or handles for instance.

    There is also this video,

    but when I see the flex of his tool, I would not recommend at all, maybe with a good turning tool, but the possibilities and accuracy are very limited.

    But there is a commercial product at least sold in Europe constructed on the basis of a drill press and that can be converted into a lathe and a mill :
    Mini-tour convertible 100 mm OTMT 12L00252

    The kit to turn it into a mill :
    Kit de transformation en fraiseuse OTMT 11L03785

    The kit to turn it into a drill press :
    Kit de transformation en perceuse OTMT 11L03786

    I think this can be used as a source of inspiration.
    Cheers !
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    I use a shopsmith that does the above functions and more at least in wood. They sell around me for around $100 and up. At least it might be worth looking into for ideas too.

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