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Thread: Come realizzare una Taglierina per pannelli di polistirolo / polistirene

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    Come realizzare una Taglierina per pannelli di polistirolo / polistirene

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    Too long and painful to watch the whole thing, I only watched the last few seconds. I did drag the slider along to see if there was any mention of fume removal. To be fair, it MIGHT be there, but I did not see any mention of it.

    Those fumes are extremely toxic. Things like this need to be used with good cross ventilation. They do not have to KILL you to have a bad effect on your body. Especially bad is that things like this are often used with kids, to make fun things. It is especially bad for their still developing bodies.

    Informative article from the Cleveland Clinic which is a non-profit academic medical center.

    The dangers of smoke inhalation
    “When you inhale smoke from a fire, you’re really inhaling a combination of a bunch of toxic products,” Dr. Fertel says. “The ‘smoke’ is mostly carbon monoxide, but also contains cyanide. Many homes contain a lot of synthetic materials such as rubber, plastic or foam. When those materials burn, they can cause house fire cyanide poisoning.”

    Cyanide is a poisonous chemical gas that prevents your body from absorbing and using oxygen.

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