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Thread: Common Soldering Connections for Cars, Boats, Trailers, Motorcycles...

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    Common Soldering Connections for Cars, Boats, Trailers, Motorcycles...

    Several types of popular solder connections shown. These are commonly used in things like cars, boats, trailers, RVs, motorcycle wiring harnesses, solar projects, low voltage yard lighting, drip systems, crystal radio antennas, etc.

    - Soldering can be dangerous. If you do not know soldering safety, learn it or don't solder.
    - Never solder live circuits of any type.
    - Soldering house wiring, power wiring, etc. is outside the scope of this video. That should be left to professionals only.
    - Electricity can cause damage, fires, burns and death. If you don't know about electricity, learn before doing.
    - These are demonstrated for hobby work, low voltage - low amperage applications. NOT for mains voltages or currents or similar.
    - Never use lead type solders where it will come in contact with food or drink or where it will come in regular contact with people.
    - Lead is toxic. Take care to ensure that the byproducts / waste are contained and disposed of properly. Never hold solder in your mouth. Have proper ventilation.
    - This is for hobby soldering only. Industrial users have more stringent requirements for industrial or large scale soldering operations.
    - This is not all inclusive. If you don't know, get training before continuing.

    (Re-edit for annotations)

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    If you used a bit of rosin flux it would go a lot faster. Just dip the stripped ends into it before twisting them together or add a bit with a cotton swab after they are twisted. It will penetrate the entire joint almost instantly when heat is applied and then the solder will wick into the joint much faster and better.
    Paul A.

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