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Thread: Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw 113.23101

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    Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw 113.23101

    IDK if this is the right place to post this question...if not, mods tell me where to post.

    I bought a USED Craftsman "Radio" saw on the cheap. If you're looking for Radio arm saws, CL is the place to go.

    No stand, motor runs, and has a regular 10" saw blade. Everything's there, but a complete mess. Rusted parts throughout.
    Must've sat outside for some time as the top board disintegrated like compacted dust.
    But that's OK; I've got a whole different use in mind for this gem.

    The riveted-on tag on the frame shows it as model #113.23101 mfg no 8 74 (space as shown)
    I'm looking for a user's manual and/or parts manual.

    I've looked all over the 'net and cannot find that particular model. Some close; like 113.23111
    I've also tried looking for a "user's group" for Craftsman saws

    The strange thing about this one is that the base where the angle irons are for fastening the top board and its adjustment is triangular in shape; extending from a vertex of sorts at the rear and widening out towards the front.

    I'm guessing this is a very early model...maybe the 60's ? It just has that look to it. Nothing fancy. There isn't a rip guide on the arm sides. The top cover is just sheet metal.
    The blade shroud had a 90 rubber piece on it. The plastic guard is somewhat narrow and double-jointed.

    It looks to be pretty well made though.
    The arm angle lock is at the rear and consists of a lever that engages notches on the column. (Nothing at the front)
    There's a clamp that ensures that the angle setting stays put.
    The elevation is a simple crank at the top of the column; also at the rear. There isn't anything at the lower front either.

    I've disassembled most of it, but I can take pictures of the various identifiable parts if that will help.

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