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Thread: Cross slides grinder support, wooden made

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    Cross slides grinder support, wooden made

    Hi ,
    Following the great Captain post , here is a wooden made cross slide tool support. (OK, with a bit of aluminium and steel)

    It is designed to be general purpose (light duty). So on the transversal table I can install any tool thanks to an adaptation jig.
    Here it is for an angle grinder :

    On this pic, you can see how I implemented the slides. I figured out how I could do some reliable slides, really straight, with smooth surface. And I found these aluminium profiles at the local hardware store. They are easy to install like I did here on a 45 table saw rip cut. Additionally, the screws are not on the way.
    For the long screw, I shaped an hex head, in order to power it with the cordless drill.
    On the crank side (both screws), there is a ball bearing (from roller blade) inlaid in the wood.

    To set up the parrallelism, as you can see above, I have one slide fix, and for the other, the screw holes are oval. I slide the carriage at one end, tighten the screw at this end, and slide it at the other end, and tighten then all the screws.

    The purpose of this cross slide table is to grind for sharpening long reamers (for boring woodwind instruments) , in a conical shape, it's an ongoing project, next step is to install the little bench grinder that can be seen on the first picture.

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    Cheers !
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    Thanks Christophe! I've added your Cross-Slide Tool Support to our Workholding and Woodworking categories, as well as to your builder page: Christophe Mineau's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    WOW Thats alot of engineering...:O)

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    Man, that is one sweet cross slide. Very well engineered and executed.


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    Looks simple to replicate, but I can see that you need to be precise about laying it out. Great work!

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    Thank you!

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