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Thread: Custom Cantilever FDM Printer

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    Custom Cantilever FDM Printer

    Hello everybody!

    Long time no see...

    This time I want to share with the community the latest project I've been keeping myself busy with, homemade as always, tool as almost always!
    I am talking about a 3D printer! Cartesian, Cantilever, FDM as in Fused Deposition Modeling, and pretty cool if you ask me!

    It is a rather low-end machine more likely, regarding the parts used I mean, which you won't be needing a fortune to buy! This fact, along with the plans that I put together, and you can make yours in no time if you are into that!

    I am embedding a youtube video so that you can check it out, and I will be back with updates and upgrades. Also let me know what you think!
    Happy making everybody!

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