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Thread: Daedalus jet suit- GIF and video

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    Daedalus jet suit- GIF and video

    Invented by British inventor Richard Browning, the 1,050 bhp Daedalus jet suit is powered by five turbine engines. Top speed is 32 mph and maximum flight time is 10 minutes.

    1:56 video:



    Yves Rossy jet wing - photo and video
    Williams X-Jet (WASP) - photo, videos

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    Wonder what the thrust is for 1khp on those. Didn't see any mechanical advantages on his arms...must have Arnie Guns to handle that.

    Or "The suit also requires a high level of core strength in order to control the engines, which put out 130 kilograms (or 286 pound-force) of thrust."

    Thanks Jon,

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    Whew! That'd be like supporting yourself on parallel bars, except the "bars" in this case aren't fixed relative to each other... You certainly wouldn't be able to scratch your nose (or anything else, for that matter) while operating this. Too high a margin of error in my book to make this practical... the "old" jet packs that had thrusters fixed to the pack and had the operator suspended via a harness would be much safer and wouldn't be so prone to human error due to arm fatigue.

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