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Thread: DC-DC Converter, Input: 9 to 36 volts, Output: 24v

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    DC-DC Converter, Input: 9 to 36 volts, Output: 24v

    I thought you might find this interesting. It is an easy to use DC-DC converter that will take 9 to 36 volts input and output a steady 24 volt at 10 amps. They are commonly called buck converters or up / down converters. This one will take a high or low input voltage and output 24 volts.

    These come in different input ranges and output voltages. Great for DIY solar projects and supplying voltages for odd appliances.

    Warning: Electricity always carries the risk of burns, fire, shock, electrocution, etc. If you do not know, learn first or do not do it.
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