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Thread: Decolonising Engineering language and Correct-think.

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    Decolonising Engineering language and Correct-think.

    Yet another example of how the Western World and ALL White cultures are being deliberately dismantled.
    Language is one of our most valuable possessions, indeed many would argue that it is our descriptive language that allows us to invent things, for without a language to describe what we want, what we need to build it and how we are going to build it we would not be able to order our thoughts in such a way as to formulate a plan of attack let alone begin construction.
    Some peoples who historically did not have the words to describe a thing never invented/discovered it

    Here is an article about mindbuggery:

    and a response to it from an educated commenter:

    Having years ago put a few of PTA meetings into utter disarray by insisting on calling out communist indoctrination and the introduction of queerism as a "lifestyle choice" to young students I for one will be expressing very loudly my views if any U.E.I. Marxist scumbag starts using this 'new speak' in my vicinity.

    Thoughts anyone?

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    I won't wait for it to start; however the issue may be a question of numbers, not sure we can expect reinforcements to show up for a skirmish.

    The idea Britain and America are the most offensive practitioners of colonization is a serious miscarriage of history. The resulting societies seem to have excelled once they were on their own, makes that 'colonization' a miscarriage of the definition.
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