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Thread: Deicing a plane wing - GIF

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    Deicing a plane wing - GIF

    Deicing a plane wing.


    De-icing plane wings - GIF
    Runway snowblower - GIF
    Airport snowblower - GIF

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    When I was in the Air Force we had a plane that had to depart one very cold and frosty day. It was a C124 Globe Master and they were quite tall. The de-ice crew came out to spray the bird with de- icer (ADI). The fellow in the bucket truck said he wouldn't be up there for more than a few minutes so he said he didn't need a warm coat. After they moved him and the bucket way up over the wing, the truck shut down. He was up over the wing and they couldn't bleed the hydraulics and just gravity him down. He kept yelling to "hurry up". Finally after being up there for about 45 minutes in very cold temperatures, he climbed out of the bucket an was able to shimmy down the boom. I think the only problem was a dead battery on the pumping unit. This was over 50 years ago. Good old memories!

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