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Thread: Diesel injector testing machine - video

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    Diesel injector testing machine - video

    Diesel injector testing machine. By BorDo TUBE. 4:53 video:

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    A useless video as far as useable information goes. but I will try and expand on it for him. As I used to have a similar rig You can basically use any bottle jack that you can drill and thread a hole in the ram to allow the fluid to pass through and secure the ram so it cannot move or just a pump with 5000PSI minimum pressure capability, and a reservoir then add a few fittings and a zero to 5000 PSI gage a line to connect the injector with but it is better if you have the injector mounted in a container with a clear sight glass for viewing the spray pattern. the spray mist is under extreme pressure and if someone had their hand near or around the nozzle the diesel will be injected into their skin

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    Thanks, Frank. 1/2 the time and 10x more information in your post than the useless video.

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