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Thread: Disappearing car door - video

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    Disappearing car door - video

    Disappearing car door or rotary drop door by Jatech. The BMW Z1 had something similar. But the concept never really caught on due to safety and reliability concerns.

    A 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII prototype with disappearing doors:


    Automatic retractable hardtop - GIF
    Rolls-Royce retracting anti-theft hood emblem - GIF

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    Safety or reliability aside, I like the concept
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
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    The Z1 only had half-doors that slid down between the main side beam and exterior rocker panel with what is basically a window lift mechanism. They aren't structural. They aren't even attached at the front (they lock in the up and down positions, though).

    The Lincoln's floor was modified to make room for the door and its mechanism. It was only ever a proof of concept. They used stock Ford door latches at both ends of the door. The bottom was latched as well, but I don't remember the specs on that. IIRC, the black one was the only one that was completed, which is why it's the only one you ever see being driven. It was offered for sale a few times over recent years. At least one of those times, it had inoperative doors.

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