Air Engine Stirling: I tried to start my Stirling engine, I must say that I encountered several problems, but the most difficult to solve was for sure the diameter of the piston. At first I tried only the diameter (but with the O-RING slot ready in case) and I was unable to get the correct compression.

Furthermore, the glass test tubes do not have a diameter with a precise measurement along the entire axis, (i found after several check) therefore it is almost useless to work the piston to the hundredth when the glass then varies by 1 tenth in 100 mm.

I then opted for an O-RING and finally, after several trials, the engine started, runs fast and I had to bolt the base to my dyno due to the high vibrations.

The various parts must be adjusted very well, otherwise the glass ampoule will break almost immediately, I broke 5 of them during the test.

I hope you like it, see you soon,