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Thread: DIY carry BIG things with tractor

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    Cool DIY carry BIG things with tractor

    I'm poor, but not without rich ideas. I turned my box-blade into a BIG carry all tool.

    Yanmar with a BIG lift

    FYI, the tractor has two 42-lbs weights on the front. It helps to keep the front end from raising off the ground.

    FYI, I will either need a PVC tube at the top of the ROPS or a closed-cell foam (pool noodle $1) to prevent the cow coral panels from scratching the ROPS.

    Tractor attachments cost sooooo much money. For a lift like those wood bars, it would be about $300 or more. My wood was FREE from Lowes or Tractor Supply and the carriage bolts, washer and nuts were less than $3.

    I can toss a plank or two across the boards for a platform to haul tools or whatever as well. Or use it as a lift to stand on to trim trees.

    I'm not a welder nor a machinist, but I try to be creative enough to save money. Hope others out there can glean from this too.

    DIY carry BIG things with tractor-dscf3322md.jpgDIY carry BIG things with tractor-dscf3324md.jpgDIY carry BIG things with tractor-dscf3326md.jpgDIY carry BIG things with tractor-dscf3328md.jpgDIY carry BIG things with tractor-dscf3340md.jpgDIY carry BIG things with tractor-dscf3343md.jpgDIY carry BIG things with tractor-dscf3344md.jpgDIY carry BIG things with tractor-dscf3347md.jpg

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