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FREE PLANS in pdf format (BOTH IMPERIAL & METRIC DIMENSIONS) – Download Info Below.

Game Screens are a gaming accessory that have become quite popular these days among gaming enthusiasts. A game screen blocks an opponent from viewing one’s game strategy and also serves as a device for hanging/holding game documents.

I made this one at the request of a local client, and I’ll show you how I did it in the video I made while building it. This particular game screen is a 3-panel unit and was made with ¾” (18mm) plywood for the screen panels, trimmed with re-purposed cherry wood (rescued from old furniture someone threw out).

The steel strips across the back of each screen is 1/8” x ½” mild steel flat bar and metric builders can use around 3mm x 12mm mild steel flat bar. I used my X-Carve machine to cut the dados in the screens to fit the flat bar flush with the screen panels, but you can use a stacked dado blade cutter set on a table saw, you can use a router, or you can use hand tools.

I used my X-Carve to personalize the screen panels using 1/8” straight and 30 degree “V” bits, but you can carve using hand gouges or you can paint on logos or names, etc. You can also use transfers or decals as well.

Here’s the link to the FREE (conventional) PLANS download page in both Imperial & Metric dimensions:

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Here's the video: