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Thread: DIY Net Making (“Nothing But Net”) Part 3

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    DIY Net Making (“Nothing But Net”) Part 3

    Make your own nets for a variety of uses. The first week I went over making your own net needle (shuttle). Last week I show you how to tie a very easy and basic net making knot. This week, I show you how to make your own basic net, using what you’ve learned in the first two videos.

    This is the third and final segment of my DIY net making mini-series.

    Here's the video:

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    As always I enjoy watching your projects. Several years ago I had the good fortune to witness a group working on a large net of about 30 meters by 100 meters they were reducing the mesh size or rather making a net within a net. The main cordage of the original net might have been in the neighborhood of 10 or possibly even 15mm with a mesh size of about 200x200 mm I didn't get that close to where they were working. The net obviously was too large to flip over like you could do on your small net. they had it strung up the 30 meter length on a series of hooks to keep it stretched out there were maybe 10 men with meter long fibs and their needles were filled with a much smaller cordage tying the sub nets in the main net to about 50 to 60 mm squares. I didn't get a chance to stay and watch for very long and as I said I was some distance away so sizes are a best guess.

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