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Thread: DIY Wonder Wrench / Super Spanner

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    DIY Wonder Wrench / Super Spanner

    Needed a 6 sided megawrench for a 4 inch pipe cap. Stores were closed (and I doubt they would have one anyway). Decided to make one.
    It's made from 1.8mm (5/64") roof tile straps. 2 pieces 4" long on each side. The last side has a 6mm thick piece where a handle could be welded (I used a 3/4 drive socket from an old extension. You could use a horizontal pipe fitting or piece of pipe as a place to attach a handle.).
    I tack welded using 2 mm rod at 30 amps (yes, that is too high, but I could not afford to have the rod stick). Finished off the corners with 2.6 mm (1/8") rod at 35 amps.
    The rules of engagement on this job were:
    1) Could not take all day
    2) Stores were closed so I had to use what I had
    3) Could not damage the plastic end cap. It was a special order, cost a lot and the stores were closed anyway.

    This technique could be used to make much bigger wrenches / spanners for things like pipe caps.

    Materials Used:
    - 1.8mm (5/64 inch) steel flat stock. For this wrench they were cut to 4 inches (10 cms) and excess cut off after tack welding.
    - 6 mm steel (T shaped to hold handle mount)
    - Square drove end from ratchet extension (the extension is the "point" on my post hole auger). This can also be a piece of pipe mounted to insert a bar handle or such.

    WARNING: The video depicts acts and work that, if done wrong or used improperly, can lead to injury or death. Always use proper safety procedures and safety equipment. If you don't know, learn first or don't do it.

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