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Thread: Drawbar Hammer/Spanner Machining

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    Drawbar Hammer/Spanner Machining

    I have two milling machines with #3 morse taper spindles. To remove them it is necessary to loosen the drawbar bolt and then knock the drawbar downwards to jolt the taper loose. That means having to have two tools on hand to do the job. I was forever going looking for my copper faced hammer and 17mm spanner each time I wanted to change tooling. Now, I am not the tidiest person in the shop so often the search for both tools at the same time was a little frustrating. What I wanted was a purpose made hammer/spanner - hanner? I had some square copper bar stock but I needed round stock and I was tool lousy to buy some. I decided to forge the copper roughly to shape and then turn it to the desired shape. In this video I show the process for making the metal parts of the hammer. In a follow up video I show how to make the laminated handle.

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